A-1 Laundromat Coin Laundry

7393 Miramar Drive • Manassas, Virginia 20109
PHONE: 703-396-7110
Hours: Open Monday - Sunday 7:00am - 7:00pm
Commercial Accounts and/or Large Jobs Welcome

Simply the Best!

A-1 Laundromat is a safe, clean, bright, and fully on site staff attended coin operated laundromat reliably serving local Manassas VA residents, sports teams, travelers, and businesses since 2001.

Designed with our customers’ needs in mind, we offer televisions throughout the shop to help pass the time. Vending supply of laundry products address anything you may have forgotten to bring.

For Your Convenience

A-1 Laundromat Manassas VA
  • Laundry Carts
  • Laundry Supplies (Soap, bleach, fabric softener)
  • Folding Areas
  • Snack and Soda Machines
  • Video Games
  • Satellite TV
  • Walking Distance to Local Restaurants
Laundry Basket

Our state of the art large capacity laundry machines spin at top rates to reduce needed drying time and are far more efficient than home washers and dryers.

If you live in nearby apartment complexes where you only have access to a small laundry room where doing laundry can be an all-day event. Come to A-1 Laundromat and get it done quickly.

If you manage a sports team that is in a tournament and you need clean uniforms between games, you have found your resource. With all the machines available, you can do it all at once.

Traveling to the Northern VA area and need laundry facilities? Come visit the A-1 Laundromat.

Doing some Spring cleaning? Need to wash those large sleeping bags, curtains, comforters, and blankets? Do not risk such heavy loads in your home washer. Come use our large capacity professional washers and dryers and do the job right!

Do you have a construction worker in your family? Do not risk damage to your home washer and dryer with those dirty and oily work clothes.

Wash and Fold at A-1 Laundromat Manassas VA

With busy Washingtonian lifestyles, we understand you may not have the time to do laundry. We offer affordable wash-dry-fold services.

We are dedicated to serving YOU our valued customer. If you ever have a question, feedback, or suggestion that you want to share with the owner, just CLICK HERE.

What Our Customers Have To Say…

Very convenient to get my laundry done quickly and with great results. I appreciate the safe feeling I have when there and know staff is available if I have any questions.
-- Pat R. Manassas VA

My home dryer broke and so I had to bring my laundry here - they did an excellent job. You pay per pound, they wash & fold your laundry and it's ready the same day. Good place to bring your dirty laundry.
-- D.D. Brentsville, VA

Love the large machines and vending machines for forgotten supplies. There is plenty of space for me to fold my laundry and the carts are helpful when transferring my clothes from the washers to the dryers.
-- Maria P

Clean and friendly and conveniently located. I needed a place to wash my King size comforter. Brought here and realized I didn't have change. The attendant offered to give me the cash I needed to get it started while my fiancé ran for change. It was $6.50 for a mega front loader, 0.75 cents for a Tide and 0.75 cents for a Downy. Probably spent about $3.00 or so to dry. I will definitely go back again.
-- Tara D. Manassas, VA

As there are no laundromats in Haymarket or Gainesville, I made the trek to Manassas to wash my King Size comforter. I had called around to dry cleaners and they were quoting me $30.00 and up to $45 to clean it.
This laundromat was clean and the lady working there was nice and helpful. They were not busy at all. Only a couple of other people there, but it was 1pm on a Wednesday. They have snack and drink machines and a couple TVs.
They only have one MEGA loader which holds up to 8 loads of laundry, or a big, fluffy comforter. They had 3 or 4 Giant loaders which hold 5 loads or maybe a smaller comforter, and many other smaller washers. They did have a full service and you can pay them $25 to wash and dry your king size comforter, but it was obviously cheaper to just do it myself.
It was $9.50 to wash my comforter. It was done in 36 minutes.
To dry in the large dryer was $0.25 per 4 minutes. I kept having to take my comforter out and move it around to make sure it dried all the way. So all in all. It was great for me. I spent about $13-14 and a couple hours and it was done!
I would recommend. :)
-- Natalie K. Haymarket, VA